A Photo… on a piece of paper or now days on a piece of screen has a Power to move, to inspire, to give faith, awakes anger, sadness, greed, to shift point of view, to love, to say more than words can do…

How is that possible, a photo to have power? Where does it come from after all? As we no longer display our images just on paper but rather on computer screens, walls, TVs, mobile phones, tablets… sure there is a difference between how fancy it appears depending on a type of medium but really not much of a significance for understanding this text. So no matter the medium the same image has the same impact on the same person. I guess the power is not in the two-dimensional surface of any kind at all.

Is it in the image it self? If there is an image of a middle aged man’s face on the medium, all there is is that face, with same expression at all times. It doesn’t talk to me or shake head no matter how hard I want it to. So where does this image come to life if it does at all? Where are those special powers hidden? Notice how differently we see the same image as we change our moods… That same face could appear as radiating joy or even a serious threat in a matter of seconds. Depending on thoughts, feelings, patterns, experiences, personal goals, drives, wishes, personal characteristics… All of that and more comes from our own insides. That brings my thoughts to conclusion that in reality we really feel the image rather than see it. The eyes are only seeing apparatus, to gather light information that are processed in the mind and sent to the insights so we could feel it. Actually what we feel is only our own reality at that exact time and place. Tomorrow reality might be completely different. Our own mind status in companionship with our emotional apparatus (and other mentioned above) misleads our reality and drives us away from the Truth. We’re supposed to guide our reality closer to the Truth till it merges into oneness…one day…soon hopefully… So if our own reality depends on the patterns, thoughts, feelings, experiences even of our grand grand grand relative, time, place, smell, sound, color, food we ate… well, at this point you could agree with me that our reality is nothing else but Illusion, a construct of our mind that is.

So who are we to judge anything on image, music, text, behavior, taste, color, dress, smell, way one eats… if still living our big Illusion!? How selfish, blind & precious energy consuming it is to fight over different Illusions and proving our self ‘right’ in wrong? But to express an opinion about it with compassion is a completely different matter. Feel the difference between proving right no matter the cost and compassionately expressed opinion, how much more space there is for a positive dialog (with your self first and than with someone else too) in the second one? Not to mention that it is the only way to see, embrace and learn how we truly are. In other words, we give our selves a golden chance to get closer to the truth and clear some of our Illusions out.

All this starts to sound like a Life mysteries already, so I guess photography Is a mystery of Life and vice versa. As this applies to the whole Art and Art it self comes from the Heart. But I wouldn’t give too much credit to the photo/image it self, it is still only a photo/image that doesn’t speak though it is attracted from Life it self. That Life/Image is already past tense at the same moment the photographer decides to hit the trigger and shoots the moment away in that same old repeating faith ‘Yes, I got it’. What exactly? That Life is still going on, hidden from weaver’s eyes, it doesn’t exist on photo. ‘Yes, I got it’, is just another lie to ones self as what one gets is only an illusion. That the image is already past suggests even the name it self, ImAGE – something that is already aged (in age) before one even think to take camera out of the bag. If I understand image only as a fragment of Time, and Time again could not be clearly defined by rational explanation, if you think so, than try to hold it, stop the moment (can you?)… so it is more appropriate to define image as a fragment of ever changing Life. In that case this aged fragment stands alone with new Life just for it self. It should right, otherwise there is no point again… I guess this new Life is only a given framed suggestion on some squared media for a stranger that is about to feel this new life of the Image.

So where is the truth, when does this given squared suggestion bursts into new Life and what’s it all worth it for? I ask my self, why is there so many ways of seeing one and the same image? As we all have different experiences, different feelings of same thing, different patterns, thoughts etc., therefore so many ways of seeing one and the same image. At this point one could realize that it is us who decides how will we see the image. It happens rather on unconscious level. But no matter that, the fact is I decide my way of seeing. I chose my experiences, way of feelings, thoughts… Therefore I could also change it but only when I decide to do so. It is the decision that is the game changer and brings unconsciousness to a conscious level. When I decide to See the truth, it unveils it self gently by the stillness of the mind and emotional peace in the center of the HeART (feel it to see it).

Art does come from the Heart and anything that comes form the Heart is an Art. Eyes, ears, nose, taste, touch would be more appropriate to be used only to receive information so that one could see, hear, smell, taste and feel ones reality in ones HeArt… don’t judge, compare nor comment… be merely an observer. Take responsibility for your reality… embrace it and use it to get closer to your Self-worth, to the Truth.

Truth of the image comes to Life in the HeART of the observer, free of judging mind… but some kind of trigger, a certain alchemy is gently hidden in the aged fragment of life – the image that corresponds with that same essence of the trigger in our HeART… When we Live the Art of our True HeART.




5 thoughts on “HeART

    • Yes…beautiful 🙂

      …Let me go further if I may…

      Feel deep importance of realizing that the Earth is as well an Art of the Heart – hEarth…

      The state of the Earth we have is the state of the Heart-fulness and Mindfulness we are in and able to perceive. We are too eager to ‘make a change’… but where does this come from? Do we know or we think we know…is this change good for me or for anyone…are we able to do it with a Heart free of selfish desires, wishes and stubborn demands? …I guess change is easy to make but a True and a Quality one very heard to achieve…

      The answer is in the word hEarth it self, I believe… the last letter in the word Earth is ‘h’ and to me it clearly means the Seat for a Human – to sit on of course… a Seat from where we should Consciously and inside Peacefully observe our Mother Eart_h from the Heart full of Compassion and Gratefulness but free of Greediness and Judging Mind and the Art of the Earth would reveal inside of us in the most speechless way and at that point we could realise that we are all able to sit in the front of the same Hearth in ease of Oneness…

      (Hearth: used as a symbol of one’s home; the area in front of a fireplace where humans use to gather.)

      Thank you kindly for your comments Dalo.
      All the best,

      • That is the way we all need to look at the Earth and Mother Nature, this comments is worth a post in itself. Daoist in many respects, observe and be at ease with yourself and the natural world around you. hEarth…I like it. Cheers

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