ObServer with Lens

Like to observe and leave my shutter pressing to be guided by intuition. Don’t believe in a perfect moment but to be present in the moment it self is just perfect enough.

Love, bOJAN.


Freelance PhotoGraper


Contemporary photography site FrequencoGraphy:

My short essay on seeing photography: HeART


Seeing photography by Brane Kovič:

”The great majority of viewers still believe photography to be a medium of recognition, of considering what’s seen to be equivalent to what’s real. Recognizing the location of the shot, recognizing the person, the object, the environment – these are the primal impulses that photography activates in the broadest circle of beholders. But, strictly speaking, these reactions relate only to its instrumental status, which was surpassed in the production practice when the medium had exited the utilitarian sphere and entered the field of culture and the arts, thus becoming a gratifying topic for reflection, for theoretical discourse and hermeneutic approaches from various angles; from the conceptual, social and economic to the aesthetic and semiotic. But the interpretation of photography has also undergone a Copernican Revolution: although until recently most quoted theoreticians (e.g. Roland Barthes) insisted on the analogue nature of photography as the representation of reality, this standpoint has now been repeatedly rejected in favour of the autonomous photographic discourse as merely one of the possible methods of image construction.” – Brane Kovič (part of the text taken from Tanja Verlak’s Be Thoughtful of Others Exhibiton review, Sept. 2011)



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Vse fotografije na tej strani so avtorsko zaščitene. Prepovedano je vsakršno kopiranje ali objavljanje fotografij in tekstov brez predhodnega soglasja avtorja. Vsakršna neupravičena uporaba bo kazensko in odškodninsko preganjana s strani avtorja.



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  1. Hello,
    I absolutely love your blog. Your pictures are amazing! I wish I discovered your work before. Looking forward to your next posts 🙂
    Cheers from Rome

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